Our People

Our CPAs and associates are among the industry's finest. Please allow us to introduce you to them.

        Tim Barta, CPA              Partner
        Doreen Smith, CPA        Partner      
        Dave Schrade, CPA        Partner

      Todd Frank, CPA MT         Tax Manager

Professional Staff and Paraprofessionals       
        Matt Banjo, CPA              Audit, Tax and Staff Accountant  
        Matt Cottrell                     Staff Accountant
        Adam Schrade                 Staff Accountant
        Michelle Pappas               Audit Senior   
        Cheryl Stefaniak               Paraprofessional
        Karen Wenzel                  Paraprofessional
        Heather Yoder                  Audit Senior  

Technology and Administrative      

        Rose Wilson                    Administrative Assistant       
        Michelle Samaha              IT Specialist